Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center

Townsend TN Pottery Festival

Updated 9/2023: Head to Townsend TN for the Annual Tuckaleechee Pottery Festival, featuring some of the nation’s finest potters. You’ll find unique pottery featuring different styles and forms – from intricate ceramics and hand-thrown creations – that are both beautiful and functional!

Date: Saturday, October 28
Time: 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Location:  Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center
Address: 123 Cromwell Drive, Townsend TN

From the event holders:
“The festival is not just about appreciation but also education. Those with a keen interest in pottery can deepen their understanding, witnessing firsthand the artistry and skill that these expert potters pour into their work. Whether you’re in search of a decorative centerpiece for your living room or a functional piece for daily use, the Tuckaleechee Pottery Festival caters to all tastes and budgets, ensuring that every visitor leaves with something special.”

Festival goers are encouraged to engage with the artists, learn about their talents and of course, pick up gifts for friends and family. This might be the perfect time to start Christmas shopping!