Quiet Walkways Short Hikes

Don’t let the name fool you; what Quiet Walkways may lack in distance and required physical endurance, they well make up for it by helping you become one with Mother Nature. If you aren’t specifically looking for the small, “Quiet Walkway” signs near a pullout with just enough room for a couple cars, you just might miss them. Entering a Quiet Walkway for the first time is a little mysterious because there is no indication of how far you’ll walk, where the path will lead you, or what you can see along the way. It’s also not uncommon to be the only people along a quiet walkway, allowing for much needed solitude or an escape from the crowds.

Smoky Mountains National Park Quiet Walkways Hiking Trails

Short Walk, Easy Trail

Each quiet walkway has its own unique qualities. On one you may stumble upon an old family cemetery leaving you to ponder life of the first settlers in the Smokies, and on another you may watch birds in their nest or see a bear in a tree. Wouldn’t you love to discover a boulder just waiting for you to take a seat next to a babbling brook?

Plan to find a Quiet Walkway along your drive so that you can pull over, stretch your legs, and simply enjoy the moment.  This experience of being IN the park just might convince you that there is a trailhead with your name on it!

We hope you have a wonderful, safe and relaxing day in the park!


Photo Credit:  Ken Lund